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The Family

Roots in Lithuania, Poland, Ireland, and England to Philadelphia USA


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My Dad served in the army from November 28, 1942 to February 28, 1946. He was in Austria, France, Germany and Africa.

S/Sgt Joseph J. Karaso S/Sgt Joseph J. Karaso
My Dad's younger brother, Joe, was killed during WWII while on a mission to Berlin. His plane was shot down over a small village, Meitze, on April 29, 1944. He, along with the other 9 crewmembers, perished.
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Charley Harvey Charley Harvey Bantamweight Boxer
My mother's father, the skinny kid from Chicago, boxes his way across America as a bantamweight in the early 1900's

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Anna Karosas Dad's Family  
My Dad's parents were Lithuanian. They met in Russia in the early 1900's and from there, in 1910, immigrated to the United States. My grandmother, Anna Vaistakaite, was a cook in a wealthy household in Russia. My grandfather, Jonas Karosas, was a tailor apprentice in the same household. They settled in Port Richmond, Philadelphia, PA.

  The Liberty Bell Charles F. Gallen
  My great-grandfather, Charles F Gallen (b 1862 - d 1947) was an entrepreneur who owned a trucking company that used teams of horses. In 1904, he moved the Liberty Bell from the train station at 10th and Noble Sts to Independence Hall on its return trip to Philadelphia from St Louis.  
Julie, Mari and Mom Mom's Story
In the spring of 1997, in order to occupy her mind after having lost a son, Mom made an audio tape of old family stories and early memories of her grandmother and family. Read the transcription, her story of the family.

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