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The Karaso Family

  Grandmom and Uncle Joe Karaso
Grandmom and Uncle Joe
First Holy Communion, Philadelphia, PA

Anna Karosas
Port Richmond, Philadelphia, PA
Grandmom, Anna Karosas
August, 1943
  Jonas Karosas
Mayfair, Philadelphia, PA
Grandpop, John Karosas

  Charles Karaso
Philadelphia, PA
My father's brother, Charles Karaso

Julie Kuranowski
Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1940's
My father's sister, Aunt Julie Kuranowski
  Dad and Grandmom, Anna Karosas
Port Richmond, Philadelphia, PA
Dad and Grandmom

  First Holy Communion
First Holy Communion, Philadelphia, PA
Probably St. Casimir's
Dad (right), Aunt Julie, (right of the priest)

Julia Kuranowski and Sophie Rossi
Chester, PA
Aunt Julie and Aunt Sophie
November, 1943

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