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The Liberty Bell

In 1915 Charles F. Gallen moved the Liberty Bell from 24th and Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, to Independence HallIn 1904, my great-grandfather, Charles F. Gallen, (second from the left) moved the Liberty Bell, by means of a horse and wagon, from a train station to Independence Hall, upon its return from St. Louis. My grandmother, Alice Gallen, helped decorate the horses and wagon with plums and banners for the small parade. The Photograph had some fire damage, causing the view of the drivers to be obscured. Fortunately the picture was rescued from the blazing 6th and Filbert Street office. The fourth person from the left with the white beard, is Rudolph Blankenburg, the mayor of Philadelphia from December 4, 1911 to January 3, 1916.

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